This repository is a dedicated collection of image and any other assets directly from Paladins and Hi-Rez stored here for easy access for developers to use for their Paladins related projects.

We make no gurantee of accuracy of every item as it's from a variety of sources and can be exported and uploaded incorrectly.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are more than welcome as long as you can provide the asset source and it does not contained assets that were obtained through "unethical" means (no leaks). We're storing released assets, not finding leaks.

File List

You'll see a variety of filenames, this is because this is how they're exported. If you want to submit a PR changing the filenames to be more "accurate" then feel free too. It all depends on the source it was obtained from. This list is manually generated (via filelist.php), therefore it may not be 100% accurate to the repository.

Source List

  • Paladins (exported directly from game, UPKs extracted)
  • Paladins Website